"Alexis Gargagliano is a treasure of an editor. She has an exquisite feel for language and is sensitive to both the author and the author's words. Any writer whose work she touches will be the better for it."  

Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle


“When tackling writing a book- you need a comprehensive partner in the process. Alexis is exactly that. Lending her talent, years of experience, and industry wisdom- you can enter the book writing world confident that the outcome will help your personal and professional goals- and build your legacy.” 

—Nicole Walters, Nothing Is Missing


 "I’ve long had the reporter’s curse: A knack for accumulating mountains of information, and limited ability to pare it down. Alexis’ gifts as an editor—for catching an idea’s essence when I saw only its tangents, for turning a dingy nugget of prose into a gem — have been my a cure." 

Tracie McMillan, The American Way of Eating


"Alexis Gargagliano is the consummate editor: a passionate reader with an infallible ear, superb taste, a wonderful sense of humor, and a deep empathy for the foibles and frailties of our imperfect characters. She might cut an adjective or two from this description (too overloaded) but I'm sticking with it. As far as I'm concerned, there aren't enough adjectives in the world to describe how terrific she is. You would be, as I have been, exceedingly lucky to work with her."   

Cristina García, The Lady Matador's Hotel, King of Cuba, Vanishing Maps


“We all dream of the perfect collaboration in hopes that one day we will find it. My alliance with Alexis Gargagliano, was just that… magical, authentic, and exceeded my expectations of optimal performance!” —​Richard Antoine White AKA RawTuba, I'm Possible


"I’m so grateful to Alexis. She’s the kind of editor every book needs and every writer wants. She does her work with a strategic mind and a personal touch, delving into the details that matter without losing sight of the big picture. The list of beautiful books she has contributed to speak for themselves. Most importantly for a writer finding a way in a new marketplace, she gave me confidence."

Katie Ward, author of Girl Reading


"I would have never had a book without Alexis's help and encouragement. She is an amazing editor and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her on Demon Camp."

—Jen Percy, author of Demon Camp


Alexis Gargagliano

editor + collaborator